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Next Gen Workforce: Elevating Hiring & Employee Performance in a Digitised Era

Spearheading productivity and profitability through a millennial centred approach in building a multi-generational labour ecosystem

25-26 Feb 2019
Venue to be Confirmed, South Africa

Why You Should Attend

Next Gen Workforce: Elevating Hiring & Employee Performance in a Digitised Era

The rise in new-age workforce ecosystem is currently evolving faster than ever. With innovative recruitment methods and performance management techniques rapidly gaining momentum in the traditional business world, business professionals are forced to rethink their hiring and employee performance management strategies. The severe shortage of skilled workers in Africa has resulted in the emergence of a growing war for talent among companies. With high rates of employee turnover and bad employer-employee relationship being a common occurrence, one of the biggest challenges for companies in Africa today is to successfully hire, manage and retain the right talent for their businesses.

In maximising organisational effectiveness in today’s challenging workforce environment, organisations in South Africa are required to move on from conventional recruitment and performance management methods to better align themselves to the digitally-inclined nature of the millennial workforce. This is an event in 2018 that you simply cannot afford to miss! This specifically-designed training will focus on taking you through the step-by-step approaches in successfully guiding your organisation through effective succession planning to face workforce-related challenges efficiently.

The expert course trainer will also adopt a more hands-on approach in discussing various techniques related to developing an engaged workforce that is aligned with the right company culture. Also, join our guest speakers to learn essential tips and tricks to becoming a forward-thinking organisation by investing in this two-day “Next Gen Workforce: Elevating Hiring & Employee Performance in Digitised Era” training. Knowledge and insights gained through this training would enable attendees to develop a functional blueprint consisting of new methods, work cultures and innovative strategies to handle hiring and performance management tailored to fit respective organisational needs and requirements. It’s crucial for companies to equip themselves with the right techniques to avoid costly damages and to stay relevant. Relish from award winning organisation best practices, strategic frameworks, and key improvement methods that aims and strives for peak corporate performance!


Key Topics

  • Understanding the importance of prioritising and addressing the need of the millennial talents in organisation
  • Keeping up with the current industry trends in talent recruitment and performance evaluation
  • Mastering the essential techniques and strategies to building an efficient labour engagement framework
  • Leveraging digital tools to better streamline hiring and performance management process
  • Incorporating innovation into existing frameworks to improve hiring and performance management techniques

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