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Employee Engagement and Labour Management

Implementing changes to meet the requirements of new labour regulations and devising new methods to manage and avoid employee disputes (STRIKE) and discrimination in the workplace

10-11 Sep 2018
Venue to be Confirmed, South Africa

Why You Should Attend

Employee Engagement and Labour Management

As South Africa continues with its strong push to be a developing and industrialized nation amidst the current volatile political climate, there is a rapidly changing business environment that is forcing companies to make significant improvements especially within their employee engagement and labour management efforts. HR managers must therefore, anticipate and embrace change to reap the benefits. Employees are important assets of any given organisation, therefore, it is critical that only productive employees are chosen, orientated, motivated, trained, cared for and rewarded to ensure the company’s survivability.


This 2-day training will offer delegates a golden opportunity to obtain timely and relevant input to anticipate, prepare and deal with the current and future challenges that will be impacting the cost of manpower management in South Africa. Attendees will get to learn new strategies and how to use the latest tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their traditional methods of attracting, selecting, training and retaining talent in their organisations. Delegates will also receive professional input on how to minimise costs arising from implementing new regulations such as the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), Labour Relations Act and the new National Minimum Wage Bill whilst getting employee management back on track, improving productivity and raising revenues. Do not miss the chance to join our expert trainers who will seek to improve your company’s overall employee productivity and performance through critical insights, case studies and group exercises through a number of interactive, lively and engaging discussions.


Key Topics

  • Managing trade union disputes and avoiding employee discrimination in the workplace
  • Anticipating and dealing with current and future law and labour regulations
  • Improving the employee selection and recruitment process through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), adopting targeted training strategies and improving talent transfer and retainment
  • Assimilating glocalisation and its application through social enterprise strategies in the company
  • Devising methods of engaging employees at a deeper level to improve overall organisational productivity

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    Voice of Our Customers
    • “Content was good and relevant and provided an overall understanding” - Human Resource Manger, Toyota Tsusho, Automotive Logistics
    • “I now know where to start with my talent strategy and how to come up with an independent plan” - Human Resource Manager, SEF, Banking and Finance
    • “Leadership at a strategic level” - Human Resource Manager, Swaziland Electricity, Utilities
    • “Organising, implementation and preassigning strategies was covered by a well knowledgeable facilitator” - Training Officer, Vopak Logistics
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